I work primarily in printmaking, drawing, and walking, I engage with sound and text, and dialogue with musicians. 

Walking is fundamental to my work. It allows me to attend to how we move through, see, and leave traces in the world. 

I am interested in rendering the unseen and intangible visible. I have recently been attempting to develop a visual vocabulary for registering sounds and describing soundscapes, as well as other intangible aspects of the atmosphere. I am also exploring how to make drawings that can respond to and dialogue with music, and collaborate with an experimental saxophonist/flute player.

Uneasy with overusing resources and accumulating materials, lately I have been seeking to primarily work with scrap materials, old paper, and simple mediums.

I come from a Colombian-American family and currently reside in France, after having lived in NYC for ten years. My academic background is in Philosophy and Art. I spent the last decade working in language and bilingual literacy education. I am learning to garden and tend to plants.